About Us
I am a prolific baker, first learning and laughing at my mother's side, then self-taught for many years. Finally later in life after all the important family obligations were in place and the children on their way to being the self sufficient and great human beings they are, I decided to go back to school. I enrolled at Norwalk Community College to pursue a Certificate Program in Culinary Arts. I took one course per semester and finally this May 2015 after 5 years of study, I graduated with honors.
I adored the entire experience from the grueling 5 to 6 hour classes standing on our feet in a hot kitchen but all the time learning from great and experienced professionals, most of whom were graduates of the Culinary Institute of America. I was stretched and challenged by each and every one of my Chef/Instructors and I thank them for it!  My skills have been refined and honed under their watchful and demanding eyes.
I attach that same pride and passion in production to every piece of product I create for you. One of my first customers said of my creations:  "I can't say enough good things about your baked goods. Divine is a word that comes to mind to describe the cupcakes!" Another had said of a tiered cake I made: "BTW your cake was incredibly delicious which from a dyed in the wool confirmed chocaholic is the ultimate compliment. And still a third was heard to say: "Did you make that cake????  Wow!  You are amazing!!!  I’m a pretty good cook but there is no way I could ever do something that magnificent." My philosophy is that my creations must be even better tasting than they look...and they must look awesome!